I am a new user, just downloaded and installed.
My OS is WIN7, on an AMD 6 core 3.3 gig machine. Mic input. I can record, but setting the input level to the highest, I get VERY weak playback. The input level never goes above about -30db, where the manual suggests -6db for peaks.
My audio system is in good working order, I use Dragon speech to text software, and I get excellent results from that.

Any suggestion on how to control levels beyond just setting the input/output levels on the control board?

Tell us what you’re recording. Exactly, with model numbers and connection cables. Who made the microphone?


The mic came with my Dragon software package. It is a no-name cheapie. I have used it before to record speech, and it worked OK then. Not the best fidelity, but volume was not an issue. The mic is a USB device.
The sound on my motherboard failed a while ago, and I put in a fairly inexpensive sound card. Unfortunhately, I didn’t keep the paperwork on that card once it was working, so I do not know anything about it, except to say, again, that I am getting exceptionally good results from Dragon, and that software is rather sensitive to the charaqcteristics of the sound/speech it “hears.”

I tried the sound recorder that comes with WIN7. That gave me the same very low playback volume I am experiencing with Audacity. Then I downloaded a demo of NCH’s WavePad recorder. That works perfectly. I get the same [to my ear] playback volume as I get if I just go mic to speakers direct.
What could be different about WavePad that it does not experience this drastic volume loss that I see from Audacity?

Check the recording levels in the Windows Sound Control Panel. There may also be an option in there to enable a 30 dB boost.