I want to get all the multiple audio tracks I recorded to an even volume. I used the normalize tool but all of the tracks would come out even except one. I even re-recorded the tracks to make sure I used the same levels and my voice wasn’t louder on one and not on the other. Is there any tool in audacity which will allow me to make all of my audio tracks the same volume, and how am I supposed to do it if I can?

Thank You

Not in naked Audacity, no. Both “Normalize” and “Amplify” (cousins of each other) work on the loudest part of the show. If you record 20 minutes of single violin playing and at the last second somebody fires a gun. Only the gun will come out right. These two tools don’t do what everybody thinks they do.

However, this compressor package does.


Download and apply this tool to Audacity 1.3 (I don’t think it works in 1.2). It works pretty well with the default settings, but I crank the Compress Ratio up to .77 and it’s a dead ringer for the processors at the local NPR FM station.


Can you tell me where the link is to download the compressor because I looked all through the link you gave me and could not find it.

12th paragraph:
"The other is an Audacity plugin, currently at version 1.2.1. To use it, download and install Audacity. Download the plugin source, "

Right click on the link “plugin source” and choose “Save As”, then save, copy, or move the downloaded file into the Audacity plugin folder.

I complained about this on his web site. There’s also the matter of what the program is called once it arrives and how you find it.