I downloaded this software to be able to save precious voicemails from my phone - onto my computer. When I open audacity up and use the program on the default settings - it does work…but at a somewhat low volume. If I try increasing the input microphone or volume control settings - it causes all feedback/can’t hear recording at all.

Is there a way to increase the volume a recording is made??


How are you connecting your phone to the computer?
Is it a laptop computer?
Is there no way to digitally transfer voice mails to your computer (check your phone manual)

This is the only way I could figure out to digitally transfer voicemails to computer (took alot of research, ended up getting this suggestion via macrumors.com forum)

Anyhow - I used auxillary cable to connect phone to macbook pro laptop…

any suggestions on how to get it to record at louder volume?

If noone on this forum has an answer - does anyone know if there is a customer service department for Audacity that I can call or email this question to?


This forum is the “customer service department for Audacity”. This ain’t no major corporation - it’s an open-source software project run by enthusiastic amateurs who give up their precious spare time to provide all this - didn’t you realize that when you paid the massive ticket price of zero dollars :sunglasses:

Anyway to get your question answered by these enthusiastic amateurs you will need to provide a bit more more detail on what you are doing - for example what socket are you plugging the “auxiliary cable” into on you Mac, what sort of “auxilliary cable”, what model of Mac, which OS version, which version of Audacity - what exactly is going wrong …

I think the main problem is that we don’t know how your 'phone works. In fact we don’t even know what sort of 'phone it is. Some 'phones will allow you to transfer voice messages to a computer via USB or bluetooth. I was hoping that someone with more experience of voice messages on 'phones would chip in - I only use mine for phone calls and texting.

Where is the feedback coming from? Is it squealing through the 'phone, or through your computer speakers?

I appreciate the help! I wish I was more computer/tech savvy - but have often found some great tips/advice on various forums!

I have a Mac Book Pro
OS X version 10.8.5

I have (what I’m guessing is) a basic auxillary cable…I originally bought it to connect my iPod to aux jack in car. I’m connecting it to the input/microphone jack on side of my laptop. There’s an icon next to this jack, but i honestly don’t know what it is supposed to be (definitely NOT the headphone jack though)

Audacity version 2.0.4

Phone is Droid Razr Maxx. I couldn’t figure out a way to directly transfer the voicemail messages via bluetooth or USB - which is how I ended up trying audacity = as suggested on mac forum =)

The feedback is coming from computer speakers.

Thanks again everyone!!

Check that “Transport menu > Software Playthrough” is OFF (not selected).

What does the “software play through” setting mean?

Just curious since the step by step instructions on how to save voicemails via audacity said to turn that setting on.

here’s the link by cnet.com

will certainly give it a try though!

See here in the manual: Audacity Manual