I am on Mac OX S 10 8 6.
A kind friend set up Audacity for me. It worked well for several monthly programmes for the blind that I make, then suddenly the two tracks volume went haywire. The volume of voice track and music track are unbalanced. Please tell me how I adjust the two AND THEN LOCK THE FINISHED SETTING so that it cannot change.

I don’t know that it’s possible to lock those settings. The purpose of Audacity is to allow changes like that.

Did you bump one of the tiny +/- volume sliders to the left of the tracks? They should all be in the middle unless you want them for an effect. That doesn’t happen to thousands of people, but it happens often enough to ring bells when somebody complains like you did.


If you are visually impaired yourself, please let us know, because we will have to respond in a specific way.

For someone using a screen reader, you would press UP arrow on the keyboard until you cannot move further (so you have focus on the first track). Hold SHIFT and press G, which opens the Gain window for the focused track. Type 0 (zero) and press OK to set the gain to zero, meaning the track will not play any louder or softer than it actually is.

Press DOWN arrow on the keyboard then repeat the above steps to zero the gain for the lower track.

Some sighted people prefer this too, as it is less fiddly and quicker when you are practised.


Thanks. No, the two pointers are in the middle.

Thank you. No, my sight is OK. I have tried what you suggest and a test run shows that all is well.