Volume when recording.


I’ve just started using Audacity on my iMac and I’m having trouble getting satisfactory recording levels when recording from a turntable connected to the microphone socket of the iMac. I have been right through all the set up info and no matter what I do I can’t seem top get it to record at higher than about -33db. Any ideas on how to fix this?



Newer iMacs aren’t designed to connect to entertainment stereo equipment. If you have a classic (old) turntable, you can use a Behringer UFO-202 which is a phono preamp with USB connection. Note it has a place for the thin, black ground wire which is there to prevent hum and buzz.


If you have a newer USB turntable, it may be broken. Try it on a second computer. USB turntables may seem to be a direct hit on a popular need, but they’re usually not built very well and fail a lot. If you have an older, well-built turntable in the attic, it’s usually better to clean that up and use it.