volume when recording

Hi. I used to use audacity 1.3 with vista recording through an American Audio Genie 2…the volume was always easy to set with the ginie, I bought a new laptop with windows 7 installed,now using audacity with the same setup with windows the volume increase is imense, the volume on the ginie has to be almost off, and the signal sent to audacity is still quite high,I can record like this without clipping, but when playd back the recording sounds distorted,I never had this trouble with the old vista… By the way i’m recording from mini disc using the ginie into usb,Please help ,thanks JJ,

The American Audio Genie 2 does not claim to support Windows 7.
According to their website:

System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 98se/ME/ 2000/ XP

Have a look in the Windows Control Panel (under “Sounds”).
Windows may be treating the device as a USB microphone and adding 20dB boost to the input.

Thanks steve for that reply, I never thought of the genie not being compatible with windows,it worked fine in ‘vista’…In ‘sounds’ the genie is coming up under ‘usb microphone CODEC’,in the recording tab…How can I resolve the prob an prevent windows boosting the input, Thanks again for the reply JJ

Try right clicking on it. Look for “Properties” settings for it.