Volume way to loud into VST plug-in

Hi all:

I am running Waves L3 MultiMaximizer Stereo VST plug-in. I run this in Ableton all the time, no CPU issues, no level issues.

When I try to run it in Audacity, the input levels seem too hot. My plugin is reading the inputs as high as +9dB which is very confusing. Ableton will only output to the level of the fader on the channel, normally a max of 0dB.

How do I get Audacity to send the VST a 0dB gain signal and not such a hot signal? I’ve tried messed with the track volume but that doesn’t seem to influence the levels I’m reading in my VST.

Your thoughts appreciated. Sorry if I’m missing something obvious.

Audacity is not on the list of [u]supported hosts[/u].

That’s not unusual for commercial plug-ins. Sometimes they work but they rarely officially-support Audacity. Most Audacity users probably won’t pay for plug-ins.

And with free VSTs it’s hit-and-miss because there is no budget for supporting/testing a wide variety of hosts.

Is there any kind of config hack to reduce the volume sent to a VST?

Or do I just have to live with reducing the actual volume of my file (which I really don’t want to do)?