Volume Suddenly Stopped Working

The strangest thing just happened and I’m not sure how. I was working on a file and suddenly when I went to play it there was no volume. I thought I may have hit something and muted. The tracks are playing but no volume. I checked my laptop’s volume. Opened iTunes and could hear everything fine. I opened other saved Audacity files and none of them are playing the volume but it shows everything playing fine.

I restarted my laptop twice and checked to see if there were any updates for my laptop. I also updated my Audacity to the most recent version so I have 2.3.3

Has anyone had this issue? I really need to get this resolved asap so I can get to work!

Thank you,

Check your [u]Playback Device[/u]. Sometimes Windows will change your default playback device, especially if you plug-in a USB microphone (or other USB device) and then it tries to record and play-back through the microphone.