Volume slider frozen

My input volume slider is stuck at 100%. It doesn’t highlight when I put the cursor on it. The playback slider works fine. How do I get the thing un-stuck?

If you are using a USB interface or other USB device it usually doesn’t work. You’ll need to control the analog volume before it’s digitized.

If the level is low you can use the Amplify effect after recording. If the level is too high and the waveform is clipped lowering the level after recording won’t fix the distortion.

Thanks. What’s strange is that it had been working just fine for the first month. By the way I’m running Windows11. I forgot to mention that.

it had been working just fine for the first month.

Nobody wrote anywhere that a microphone can’t break. Do you connect and disconnect your microphone frequently?

Another popular condition is to have your microphone or sound system taken over by Skype, Zoom, Meetings, or Other. If one of those is running, even in the background, you are not the primary user of the microphone. Zoom is.

It’s not the worst idea when you discover something odd to restart the machine. There is a “clean” shutdown in Windows 11. Shift+Shutdown > OK. Wait. Start. Do not let any apps automatically start.

Still broken?


Thanks Koz for your advice.