Volume recorded playback curious question?

Hey guys!

Curious if anyone knows this… I’m recording my voice and it comes out at a VERY low volume unless I speak very LOUD into the mic.

I have Windows XP and the mic input volume are maxed. I even do the monitor of the mic and the red bar only hits up at first sound, and then doesn’t come up anymore while it records

I did check the FAQs and nothing to help, anyone had experience with this?

Windows XP, computer microphone plugged directly into the Microphone input of the sound card.

In the Windows Mixer (speaker icon near clock) - select the “Recording Settings” and look for the microphone level. If it is not visible, look for “Preferences” or “Advanced” to make it visible. There should also be a “20dB Boost” or “Mic Boost” available - again this may initially be hidden.


Thanks for the response. I’m not exactly sure where the Windows Mixer icon is?

I checked online and it said it was a separate program, not a control panel item.

We’re talking about using this for Audacity recording right?

Thanks for caring ! :slight_smile:

It’s usually accessed by double clicking on an icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen (near the clock)

You may also want to look at this page: http://audacityteam.org/wiki/index.php?title=Mixer_Toolbar_Issues