Volume of recording

When I recording with my microphone, the volume is in the parts of recording different. How to align the entire recording on the same volume? Manual increasing and decreasing volume in the individual parts is very arduos and mostly inaccurated. Thank you!

Why is that?

For something like this, nothing is as good as human judgment and manual volume shaping…

And if you have to make large volume changes, the background noise will change too, which can be annoying/distracting. If you use noise reduction, do the noise reduction first so the noise reduction filter can work on more-constant noise. (Or, you may find the overall results are better without noise reduction.)

As always, it’s best to prevent/avoid recording problems whenever possible.

You can try the Leveler effect. It’s an “automatic volume control.”

Or, try some (dynamic) compression. Compression reduces the dynamic range by making loud parts quieter and/or quiet parts louder. It’s like a fast-acting automatic volume control, usually with a more-limited adjustment range. (Normally, it’s used to make everything louder.) There are compressor options you can experiment with, as well as various optional compressor plug-ins.

Almost all commercial recordings have some compression, and radio stations add more compression to the broadcast to keep the volume constantly-strong. Most modern CDs are victims of the “loudness war”, and they have LOTS of compression.

There is another FREE program called [u]The Levelator[/u]. It works automatically, so there are no options or settings to mess with. (It’s no longer being developed or supported, but it’s still available.)