Volume mistake

Hey everybody!

I hope you can help me on my problem.

My microphone is not a good one, but the sound is clear. My problem is, if I sing a song while Audacity is recording, some voices are too low and some are too laugh (it clipps) and I alwyas need to go over the all record to remake the volume manually. (where is too low, make laugher, where is laugh make quiter…)

Is there effect which makes all the recorded sample for the equal volume? (I was searched for days, and tried the effects, but i didnt find.)

If there is, what is the name of the effect?
(By the way my mate said: Why dont u use the “envelope tool?” - before someone ask again, I write down - it is very hard work to do it “frame by frame” and even the too clipped (too laugh) sound could not be saved…)

Thanks for the help!

Sounds like you need a compressor like Chris’s Compressor

Audacity can help with a lot of things but one thing it can’t do is control the volume between your microphone and the track. It also can not rescue sound that has been clipped.

You need to learn to “work the microphone” - pull the microphone away from you when you sing loud, and pull it closer when you sing quietly. Practice this. The less you have to do after recording, the better it will sound.

Then when you are setting your recording level in Audacity, do so while singing the loudest part.

Once you have a recording with no clipping, you should be able to use the Compressor effect to make the volume more consistent.

– Bill