Volume Meters Graphic Change

You know that tiny square slider in the meters that changes the volume?

Screen Shot 2023-09-19 at 10.51.55 AM

Make it black—or anything but clear.


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Excellent suggestion. A lot of forum users seem to bump that thing and can’t understand it when they can’t hear their audio.

Of course, perhaps it also needs some kind of a visual “homing” clue.

We should be careful not to enter a Friedel Cycle.

Make the slider black and easier to see, and also design a “Homing Clue” to make it easier for the user to discern the operational goal, and while we’re in there touch up the meter displays a bit, and add a BBC-PPM option, and that’s too much work so we won’t do anything.

That’s a fully qualified cycle.


I logged this enhancement reuest almost a year ago:

Color-coding for Recording and Playback sliders which can be difficult to spot (in Light and Classic themes) #3827

As you can see from the final post in the thread , Muse will not be fixing this is the current versions of Audacity that use the WXwidgets library - they say there will be a different solution in the Qt version thay ar working on.


However, don’t tell Tantacrul I like your red and green colors. :grinning:

Almost all the app meters I’ve ever seen had red & green meters and many also have the yellow.

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