Volume levels - reduce loud areas and increase quiet areas.

Hi guys,

Is there a way to adjust the volume level of an entire track with one click?

I have a file that has very quiet talking mixed with surprisingly loud areas, is there a tool which will adjust the peak to the same db level for the whole track e.g:
Decrease the volume of the loud parts whilst increasing the volume of the quiet parts, so that they are roughly the same volume?

I’ve seen a lot of people suggesting the envelope tool but that is a lot of faff, especially if there is 6 channels or so…

Thanks in advance

You can try [u]Chris’s Dynamic Compressor[/u] or the [u]Leveller Effect[/u]. (The leveller is a “distortion effect” but it doesn’t have to sound like distortion.)

There is also an older stand-alone program called [u]The Levelator[/u].

if there is 6 channels or so…

“or so…”

You didn’t shoot this? You volunteered to fix it for somebody else?

There’s two no-wins. Nobody is going to mix this down to a theatrical presentation with one click.

The question sounds a lot like trying to rescue a surveillance recording. Audacity can’t be used for surveillance, law enforcement, or conflict resolution.



This is for personal use, i thought my question was simple enough.

I have extracted the 6ch audio from a film that had unbearable extremes in volume differences.

I have sorted it now so don’t worry yourself