Volume Issues

Hello, i’m going to be short and to the point with this!

I record with Audacity, and everything is WONDERFUL, besides one small problem. I try to record Skype volume as well, and it works, BUT it is SO quite you can barley hear it. I checked all my Computer volumes, and they’re maxed out! Could somebody please tell me how to boost the volume of Skype in my recordings, or even boost the sound of the Audio in Audacity?

ANY help would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks, Jesse.

[Windows 7 - Audacity 2.4.0]

Traditionally, you can’t record both sides of a Skype call without killing the call. What you are probably doing is capturing the echo, system leakage or balance error. If Skype is working properly, that signal – those voices – should be zero.

We suggest Pamela for recording both sides of a Skype call without messing up the call itself.

The two lower licenses are intentionally crippled. Professional and Business have no restrictions.

There is another software package I didn’t write down. Somebody will post.


Here it is. Skype Call Recorder. I have no experience with this. You can also install Total Recorder and I believe that will also manage both sides of a Skype call.

You can also do it in hardware, but that involves a sound mixer.