Volume issues on a bass track

A friend recorded a bass guitar track in my home studio. He was using a larger size amp in my small studio so I set the volume lower. I must have set it too low because even when I used the Envelope tool to raise the volume, the bass is still too low in the song mix.
The bass has a nice rich sound. It just needs a boost in volume to break through the mix in the song. Aside from the Envelope tool is there another way to raise the volume on the bass track. I want to try and salvage the track. I would appreciate any help.

2 options come to mind,
either a dynamic range expander to make give the bass more punch …
https://youtu.be/PP6CmNfdN1A?feature=shared&t=117 (expander mislabeled as exciter)

or add bass harmonics via distortion, so it extends further across the audio spectrum
https://youtu.be/lSHHinoFsOI (not “amp sim” it’s a distortion pedal emulation)

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