Volume Control

First time try. Existing music file on computer. I record from file to a different file on the computer using Audacity program. Recording goes just fine. However, the volume is not controlable. It records at about level -18 to -12 dB. Is there a way I can control the record sound level in this application?

Any reason you’re not using a file conversion program on the existing file instead of trying to re-record it?

You can change the volume of the “capture,” but many times it’s hooked to the speaker volume. If you turn the speakers up, the recording goes up, too.

You can disconnect the speakers during the recording, or you can also use Effect > Amplify to correct it later in Audacity.


Thank you. Your suggestions have helped a lot. “Effect-Amplify” took a little work to get used to. It did let me increase the volume of my music. Before the meter read between -18dB and -12dB. After using the Amplify feature, I now have between -12dB and -6dB which works OK. I wasn’t aware that conversion programs were available. I’ll be looking into that soon. Thanks again.