volume control max's out at 6 bu recording goes higher and clips

I have used Audacity many times in the past but returning after a long spell I’m finding it is impossible to monitor over 6.
Latest 3.02 installed. Using Audiobox usb with a condenser microphone.Audio technicp48.

When i record the wave will not exceed .5 but my input is obviously higher. The software does not show any range above 6 …or colour change

Probably a Windows mono-stereo thing,
see … Clipped at .5 - #5 by Justin_Hofer

If your Audiobox interface has a meters (or a clipping indicator) TRUST IT. If the interface doesn’t show clipping, you’re not clipping.

Yes, it’s usually a mono-stereo thing. If you record in stereo both channels should be capable of going to 0dB (100%), But when you record in mono from (with a stereo interface) the signals are cut in half to prevent clipping when both channels are combined.

You can either record in stereo and delete the silent channel to make a mono file, or you can record in mono and boost the volume after recording.

It’s normal to leave some headroom so you’ll probably be adjusting the volume after recording anyway…