Volume change on original MP3 file

Hi can anyone help
I have got original CD of David Weckle Contemporary Drummer and currently prepering myself for Drum Deploma
Anyway the original CD volum is very quiet .When i play on ipad is not the problem but when I play on drum module can get enoughtvolum out of it
Can sombady tell me how to change volum of this songs on audicity so it can be playd on drumm modul louder please

Since you have the CD (and I assume this is a proper music CD and not a data CD with MP3 files on it) - rip the track or tracks that you need - you can use iTunes to rip a WAV file or uses a free CD ripper like CDex - but it is important for quality that you get a WAV. Then just import the WAV file or files into an Audacity Project and then use either the Amplify or Normalize effect - then Export in your required format.


Normalizing might not make it any louder. Normalizing adjusts the volume so the peaks hit 0dBFS (the “digital maximum”). But, “loudness” is more associated with the average level. Drums (real drums & cymbals ) are very dynamic, that is they have loud peaks.

Most modern recordings have lots of dynamic compression* to bring-up the average level while (hopefully) not boosting or clipping/distorting the peaks. But, there is a chance that David Weckle was trying to get an accurate drum sound and there is little or no compression.

If your files are not loud enough after normalizing, you can try the Compressor effect, or you can go-ahead and boost the volume more and live with the clipping/distortion. (Note that Audacity won’t clip internally, and you may not hear the distortion 'till you export the file or play it back on your drum module.)


  • Dynamic compression is totally unrelated to file compression (like MP3).