Volume bars don't work

I have been having my volume bars not working for some time now. So I can’t see if I have my podcast recording sound too loud (the red zone). ik dont see green/yellow/red at all. I work with a Mac. tried to delete EVERYTHING from audacity. and reinstalled but I still have the problem. Can somebody help me please?

Which Mac version, which Audacity version? Do you get blue waves on the timeline?

Unless you reset it, the bouncing volume meter will only show you the loudest 60dB of the show. The show can get quiet down to -96dB. It’s possible to get a really quiet home microphone that only shows up on the blue waves.

Does the Mac internal microphone work? Do you have one?


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Since you started using your new microphone?


I use Mac version: 14.2.1. Audacity: 3.4.2 and i do see blue bars. Everything is working accept those volume bars. I use an Yeti microphone. It doesn’t matter which mic I use… :face_with_peeking_eye::woman_shrugging:

Uhm I assume this is just built in? How do Ik test of it works?

If you have a Mac laptop, yes. My “Air” (MBA) microphone is the two tiny holes to the left of the left-hand shift key.

Which microphone and/or interface are you using?

Audio Setup > Recording Device > Built-In Microphone.

Screen Shot 2024-03-13 at 10.15.19 AM

I’m typing right his second on a Mac Mini which doesn’t have a microphone—but you get the idea.


When you get there, start a recording and see if your voice appears on both the bouncing sound meter and the blue waves as the illustration.


The little square thing inside the volume meter (on the right here) is a Volume Control.

Screen Shot 2024-03-13 at 10.35.19 AM

It’s a slider and you can roll it back and forth to change the recording volume. Most time it’s good to leave it all the way up.

On some microphones, you can’t change it.

You get the blue waves on the time line, but not the bouncing sound meter?..Ummmm.

The Yeti has headphone monitoring. Are you using headphones with your Yeti?

The Yeti has a volume control on the back called “GAIN.” is it all the way up?

The Yeti has a choice of multiple sensitive patterns. You should be set to the heart-shaped one and you should be speaking into the Side Grill just above the company name.

Did it used to work?

Never blow into a microphone but you can talk as loud as you wish. Yell into the Yeti. Do you get the volume meters bouncing?

thank you for all your help so far. Super kind. I also use a headset but I don’t think that should matter. It doesn’t work without it either. and even without yeti. I don’t see that volume bar moving at all. My friend downloaded Audacity today and it works fine there. seems to be something wrong with the software or something. That bar has worked before (when I didn’t work with it much yet. Vague, right? Even of i dont work with mic/headset it should been working :wink:

Playback and Recording Level Toolbar are missing scaling and db levels - #6 by slomtbr Somebody pointed me on this link…

That beings me to never do upgrades, updates, or patches during a show.


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