Volume adjustments

I am using a PreSonus AudioBox 22vsl with Audacity 2.x

I have to set mixer control on AudioBox to Input for recording. I then have to set control to VSL to listen to playback.
Is there some setting on Audacity I can use instead of always having to adjust the mixer control?

Thank you

Please give us your exact Audacity version (all three numbers from Help > About Audacity…) .

What are you trying to record - a mic? Mic and guitar at the same time? Are you singing or playing to a track already in Audacity?

Audacity has Mixer Toolbar:

If you choose AudioBox as playback and recording device in Audacity’s Device Toolbar, then the Mixer Toolbar recording slider will control the recording level from AudioBox and the Mixer Toolbar playback slider will control playback from Audacity to AudioBox.



I am using Audacity 2.1.2

Doing voiceover work using just one mic.

Thank you for your time and help man

That should be fine then. See the previous answer. You can monitor your performance without delay in AudioBox if you want to.

If any more problems come up please tell us exactly what you are trying to do that you can’t do.



In order to record on Audacity, I have to rotate mixer control on the AudioBox to Input. Then I have to rotate mixer control on AudioBox to VSL to listen.

I can record when mixer control is turned to VSL, but I have an echo through my headset and the playback also has an echo.

I am wanting to record remotely from my desktop in another room for “voice over” work using my laptop with remote connection. I had planned on running a longer mic cable to do this.


Audacity doesn’t record from remote computers.

Turn off Transport > Software Playthrough in Audacity then it won’t send the input to the output.

You can choose Audacity playback and recording device in Device Toolbar.