Voices / isolating high frequency can you help?

A while back, I referenced in my last post some very odd auditory events that are happening in a location: ( https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/psychoaccoustics/37761/1)

as I mentioned previously - - several people have complained of hearing whispering voices/ men talking on walky talkies. while others in the room cant hear. its happenes across unrelated groups of people w/ no previous knowledge of this occurance. /// hearing aid has ceased to work…the company advised strong electronic signals can do this.

people have experienced severe tinnitus and ears pulsing.

It is too common to be nothing. - -

ive tried many methods of recording - all which capture the noise to some extent - - recorded with a regular samsung lg cellphone…with zoom h5, with a cheap handheld recorder, recordings are from and also a.basic hp windows laptop running wundows 8/no special speakers or sound features - - I’ve recorded with all of the electricity in the home turned off - etc - - I’ve certainly played around with variables - -

Anyways -

I have taken new recordings with a simple handheld recorder (frequencies of noise are from roughly 11 hz to over 40000 hz if I’m reading correctly) Can anyone tell me how to filter this noise to make voices audible? Or to isolate one voice out of the many?

a simple handheld recorder

Model numbers?

Again, are we listening to you mess with the file? Your last posting was either heavily processed or video files, neither of them particularly useful.

I have heard something like that before.


Starting around 30 seconds and continuing on with different detunings from an amateur radio Single Sideband transmission. Ham Radio SSB only sounds at all normal when the receiver is perfectly tuned, as in the first voice or two. The others are off-center tunings I assume to illustrate the errors.

Anybody who has been in Ham Radio for over ten minutes will recognize those quacking duck sounds.

Do you have a Ham in your neighborhood? It’s not unusual, particularly in the SSB services to have a relatively large antenna somewhere in the property. It’s hard to hide these things.

There’s a law that if your antenna didn’t come down in the last storm, it wasn’t big enough.

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 21.33.11.png
Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 21.30.52.png

This was recorded w a plain old sony handheld recorder from Walmart (not sure of model number) - recorded at half speed - no modifications were done to file otherwise

Other than that I have other files taken with my Zoom H5 I’ll post

I don’t know of any antennas around here - would that explain “silent sound” - where some can’t hear at all and others can here tinnitus others hear voices?

Oh and one other unusual thing - on my pc I found someone had uploaded an audiometer and there were all sorts off db to hz measurements - - but this certainly did not come with my HP widows 8 pc (dell) - - and I have no idea who would have put this on my pc = also the sounds have occurred when pc is turned off and internet is not connected…

that being said - here is one that I did modify and sounds to me like words

and an untouched file from a zoom 5 that sounds virtually silent - I found the quietest one I had --sounds almost blank

IMO that’s a recording of an artefact, like the noise of a computer-fan or hard-drive, which has been processed , ( e.g. via noise-reduction). Such processed sounds can be perceived as speech , e.g. here‘s a recording of my computer’s hard-drive I made a few minutes ago …

The illusion is called “audio-pareidolia” , a/k/a/ “Rorschach audio” , ( like the inkblot illusion ).
It’s also known by some as Electronic Voice Phenomenon, EVP, who wrongly attribute the voices to ghosts.

Other common-denominators are your hearing & your hearing aid(s) . Some people’s tinnitus is perceived as speech-like, the noise from a hearing aid can also be the source of this illusion.

That you can only hear the noise in one room may be because it is a particularly quiet room , allowing you to hear your tinnitus and/or noise from your hearing aids.