Voices for project help appreciated

Salutations ill be quick
Presently working on an animation project and need to customize the voice of my characters (i am fairly new to audacity) (no i dont wanna learn to work on audacity i just want some templates you can offer or any way to achieve my goal for that).
So what i am looking for is something as similar as posible to the voice from Black Hat (Main character of the Villainous series) reference link here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QcA1ApDsxA both when he is talking normal and whe he goes for the “or else” demonic face scene at 0:05 seconds and when he screams “enough” at 0:47 seconds of the video. i would like to know how to achieve those kind of efects.
The other thing i am looking for is how to achieve something like an animatronic robotic voice like the ones in here:
Especially the effect reproduced in the “Long time” phrase from the bunie character in the sentence “I havent talked to anyone in such a long time” at 0:57 seconds of the video.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

The bunnie voice has at least two effects on it
including, tremolo & sliding pitch shift

thanks that helped a lot, any sugestion for the black hat voice??