i have several voicemails that i need to cut portions from and save each portion as a separate file. can someone point me to a good video demo of this or a how to post? new user, just installed the latest version. thanks for helping.

Do you have an audio file on your computer already that you can play with Windows Media Player, etc.?

If not, you’ll probably have to figure that out first and that’s really a “phone question” depending on what phone you have.

It’s also possible to connect from your phone’s headphone-output to line-input on a soundcard (or audio interface) and then record with Audacity. (Most laptops don’t have line-in and mic-in is not “correct” although it may work with reduced quality.)

If your phone can save/export a WAV or MP3 file Audacity can “directly” open those for editing. If it’s another format you may have to install [u]FFmpeg for Audacity[/u] which can decode/decompress most other audio formats.

Once you have the file open in Audacity you can select/highlight one section at a time and then File → Export → Export Selected Audio to WAV or MP3, etc.