Voicemail recording has slight static...is it fixable?

A few days ago I successfully recorded some of my 4-year old’s voice messages from my Droid using Audacity 1.3.9. My wife’s voicemail was full and she asked me to record some of her messages so they could be deleted. I was limited on time in that moment and botched the recording; I know where I went wrong but the message was deleted.

Basically, a static like noise is only heard when someone speaks. I’m hoping there’s something Audacity can do to clean up the recording. I attached an 8-sec ‘Sample’ of the recording to this thread.

Thank you for taking a moment to listen my issue and respond!

Applying the Low Pass Filter with settings Roll-off: 24 dB and Cutoff Frequency: 3000 gets rid of most of the static with only a slight dulling of the voice.

– Bill

Thanks for the very quick reply Bill! I will try that later tonight and update this thread,

Thanks Bill! That worked extremely well. There are some minor static pops here and there so I may try adjusting the Low Pass Filter settings to see if further improvements can be made. But I’m thrilled with the current outcome. I just wish I knew more about the science behind the adjustments. Hopefully one day I’ll find the time to research it.

Thanks again!! :slight_smile: