Voice Volume

I’m recording some vocal covers with Audacity and I have a problem! is there any option to automatically set a whole voice track with the same volume? I mean, I have in the same track some whisperings and high notes.

Thank u!

The Audacity compressors might help, but they take setting and fiddling. You might try Chris’s Compressor. Chris developed a compressor that simulates the processing at the radio station. That’s why you can drive around all day without changing the volume on your car radio.


I usually change the first number, the compression, from 0.5 to 0.7 or 0.8. That gives me a tighter performance. Past that, it’s plug and play.

You need to remember that this only works if you have a nice, clear, quiet performance. All of these tools will cause background noise to pump and swish, so not having background noise is a big deal.