voice timbre

I record each month for a charity. On playback I find that my voice is very deep and rasping. Can I tweak the sound to make any difference?

Second question: I record in my study (via built-in mic) and the result is ‘boxy’. I draw the curtains across and hang a heavy dressing gown across the wardrobe doors but it makes hardly any difference. Any cures available?

You could try addressing the "deep"ness by playing with the Effect > Change Pitch. I would suggest 0.5 % increments from zero. If you find one that you like, make a note of it. I sometimes add either 0.5% or 1.0% to my own voice on voice-overs for my AV sequences. It helps to offset the voice against orchestral background music. The rasping is possibly just your natural voice. The following might help: don’t drink any milk (not even in tea or coffee) and don’t eat any dairy products (especially cheese) for at least a couple of hours before a recording session. I try to schedule all my voice-over recording sessions to mid- or late-morning, having drunk only water since breakfast. Strikes you as crazy? All I can say is, it works for me! My voice sounds huskier if I have had tea/coffee or cheese.

Creating a good recording studio in your home is the BIG challenge of voice-over work. Most recording gurus would cringe at mine - but it seems to work for me, my equipment and my technique.