voice recording

Hi all,
i have a question for all,i did a voice recording on an old phone htc desire s
saving automaticaly to a small 2gb sd card when listening back to it i get the main auido it recorded
but it also sounds like theres other audio playing in the background but very faint is it possible
for older recordings on the sd to somehow play in the background or not thanks

I think it’s unlikely that you’re listening to digital leakage on the SD card. This is what digital does best. You either have a performance there or you don’t. There is no fractional sound.

I have no trouble believing in sound leakage in the analog microphone during the recording. Any radio station can do that.

People in this neighborhood get KABC-Radio on their waffle iron.


If the “very faint” “other audio” is just occasional words, not complete sentences, then what you’re hearing could be pareidolia. The background hiss noise , shaped by digital processing , can be misinterpreted as speech , e.g. … http://www.freesound.org/people/Timbre/sounds/248088/

Thanks koz how many posts do i need post before i can send private messages thanks

Oh, sorry. I didn’t recognize the symptoms. You made a voice recording trying to record both sides of a conversation. Personal Recorders only capture your voice, not both sides. The far side is recorded as very low level, highly distorted, echo cancellation trash.

It’s not recoverable into speech.

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Thanks for your reply koz im gonna try and clean the recording up a little the main quality issue
is a bad rustling noise picked up when recording not sure if mic or background noise as there seemed little
when recording as i am a little new to this changing file type amr to mp3 or wave wouldnt affect quality would it
And i tried amplification to try and raise vocal but it sounds worse
I can capture the rustling without vocal to take a sample would you
recomend this be the first thing to try to clean it up thanks

wave wouldnt affect quality would it

Audacity opens up a file as very high quality internal sound. Higher than WAV. When you get something you like, export to WAV. If you don’t, the export may sound worse than it did inside Audacity. When you start with a compressed sound format like MP3, the sound is always going to sound worse if you make a new one after filtering.

I can capture the rustling without vocal to take a sample would you
recomend this be the first thing to try to clean it up thanks

It would be as long as it isn’t changing. Noise Reduction only works on single unchanging noises like a computer fan or an air conditioner. It doesn’t work on noises that are changing like music, voices or compression artifacts. That’s what you have, right? Like somebody rubbing two sheets of bubblewrap together?

Drag-select a ten second segment of the show with a little real voice and the rest the distortion. Export it WAV (Microsoft) and post it here. Scroll down from a forum text window > Upload attachment > Browse…

If it’s too long, export again and cut off a second or two.


You should start thinking about what to do if we can’t clean up the voice.


Thanks for your reply koz i appreciate your help

Its a little difficult to post on forum as theres a small level of privacy regarding the clip nothing illegal or below board
but i would only be happy to share with yourself or the other mods on here when asking for help about it and not
everyone else maybe in time i will ask your help regarding this one again once ive established myself as a friend to all
and met the mods requirements

i will continue to use audacity as im interested in how things work and will read others posts as im learning slowly :wink:

Private messaging does not allow sound clip posting.

Yes i understand that thanks for your help and guidence will try to post part of sample for some feedback thanks again

Hi koz this is the best i can do to take a sample its not great but there is other parts a little cleaner like late on in the clip
just let me know please if theres anyway to improve the existing vocal in it or if im banging my head against a brick wall
trying lol thanks for your help

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thank you gale

Hey koz did u have a listen to my sample any help on improving would be great or like in earlier post is it a pointless exercise trying to clean up something as standards are not great on the recording to start with thanks just wanted a heads up yes or no dont want to put effort in if theres no point

I would write it off. The voices are very low compared to the noise so it is hard to remove much noise without removing most of the voices. I just removed a little noise and applied a notch filter at 1000 Hz which seemed to help a little.


Many thanks for your time and feedback gale :wink:

hi gale totally different issue dont suppose you know why login tells me ive exceeded the maximum login attempts
you must now enter catchia or something like when ive only attempted once to login
thanks it says it every time i try to login

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ahhh thats fine thought might be a problem at my end thanks