Voice Recording through USB Headset


I am using USB Headset for Conversation. My microsoft sound recorder or other sound recorders is not able to record the conversation, when the head set is an USB Headset. But its records for normal headset connected to the sound card.

Whether Audacity can able to Record my conversation, if the Head set is USB head set.

I am using windows 2000 professional.


I would think so, though it depends on the audio drivers you have installed for the USB headset. You’ll have to open Audacity and go to the Edit → Preferences → Audio I/O menu and select the USB headset in the “recording device” menu (I don’t know what it will be called).

But as long as it behaves like a normal audio device, Audacity should be able to use it.

I don’t know why Windows Sound Recorder is also not working, it should also be able to capture a USB headset. That kind of worries me.