Voice Recording Sounds like a Darlek


I am completely new to editing sounds and we have recently had a situation in our church where the Preacher has ended up sounding like a darlek. We are using LP Recorder to record the service and Audacity to edit the .wav file produced. Is there any whay I can edit the file to remove the darlek effect?

That is totally awesome. I always knew preachers were actually robots.

A quote from this page:

I used to say as a joke that the BBC only ever had one effect which they used to do all their “alien” voices. This isn’t of course strictly true. They’ve had two effects since the Seventies when the Cybermen changed their voices. The two effects in question are pitch shifting and ring-modulation.

Ring-modulation, the effect responsible for the Daleks, Morbius, K9, Zygons and Davros amongst others, is in essence really just the multiplying of one low frequency wave with the voice waveform. Depending on the modulating wave - it’s frequency, levels of harmonics and shape, the effect would vary from metallic grating to a strange bubbly sound.

I’m not sure how you ended up with that effect, but I’m betting it’s not actually ring modulation unless you’ve got some errant effect processor that was set wrong (I doubt a church would have one of those lying around). It’s probably just something that sounds similar.

Can you upload a small clip here so we can listen? You can upload up to 256KB, and the file has to be zipped. So make a 10 second mp3 file at 128 kbps and zip that. Hopefully we’ll be able to tell you exactly what’s going on with it.

Chances are there’s nothing you can do to the audio that’s already recorded in order to fix it. You’d better find the source of the problem before you make any more recordings.