Voice recording is muffled

I am on a Windows 10 system, using Windows Direct Sound and Stereo Mix (Realtek Audio).

When I try to record a song from Spotify, the recorded song’s voice is very muffled and remote, even though the computer speakers during the recording play the voice loud and clear. The instrumentals record fine.

Any idea what adjustments to make to bring up the recorded voice so it is not muffled and remote? I’ve tried to adjust the playback by bringing up the right or left, but that doesn’t work.

Any help appreciated.

Missing a step. How are you listening to the song after you record it?


I’m not sure why that’s happening, but try [u]WASAPI Loopback[/u] instead of Stereo Mix.

Is it just this one song that’s doing that? It sounds like a “vocal removal” effect. That can sometimes happen accidently if one channel is inverted (maybe for “stereo widening”) and then the recording is played-back in mono.

Koz, I listen to the recording by hitting the Audacity Play button, and also after exporting the project to an MP3 file - in both cases voice is muffled.


Actually when I play back in mono, the voice comes through loud and clear. Maybe the Spotify track itself is mono?