Voice Recording is Metallic

Hi all,

I have just got a new PC and installed Audacity. I run a Rode microphone through a USB interface (Guitar Rig 4) and I am getting this metallic line noise with my voice overs.

I have used it for years and had no issues previously.

I have changed microphones and leads and it still occurs and played around with all the Audacity selections and for Input and Output.

Can anyway shed some light??

Thanks so much,




It sounds and looks like ring-modulation, (via a square-wave of 6.3kHz) …
Audacity spectrogram of 'TEST 3 LINE NOISE WAV , metallic line noise on voice over test'.png
Check everything* is running at the same sample-rate & bit-depth, as a miss-match could produce that type of effect.

[ * sound-card & Audacity ]

Zoom in close and you can see the problem. Every 6th sample is zero.
This could be a problem with your sound card drivers.

Guitar Rig 4 is a software application isn’t it? What is the (hardware) USB interface?