Voice Recorder for Recording Phone convo?

I know this is a little off topic (but the name of this forum is ‘Recording Equipment’, after all :stuck_out_tongue: ), but I would like to record a phone conversation using a Panasonic RRUS430 voice recorder…How would I do so? I have both a cordless (Sony Spread Spectrum 900MHz) and a corded phone (Nortel 350), and I would be willing to get any (reasonably priced) equipment to make the project work…Don’t worry, I live in a ‘one-party’ state!! What other (inexpensive) options do I have? If there’s a straightforward (and inexpensive) way to record using my computer (make it truly simple; I’m a noob), then I’m listening!!

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Nobody is going to race to your rescue, because there isn’t a very good way to do this. At least not a very good cheap way to do it electronically. The equipment that allows Doctor Laura to talk to people who call in works very well, and listening to the radio, sounds pretty good, but costs many, many dollars-American.

Balancing the near and far volume on a phone call is a major problem. By the time you get the far end voice at a nice volume, anything you say into the phone will be loud enough to blow the cat across the room.

By far the easiest way is to make the call on a speakerphone in a nice quiet room and experiment where to put the recorder to get a good near-far volume balance. Set the whole thing up on a table with many layers of bath towel, or set up the process on the bed in your bedroom to avoid echoes.

If your recorder has external connections, you may be able to use something like this…


But it’s going to have the volume balance problems. If pros are forced into using something like this, they start the interview and then shove the phone under a pillow so their own breathing doesn’t get into the recording.

There was a posting from someone who wanted to do phone interviews at home instead of the radio station to save a lot of time and effort. She didn’t know about all the fancy equipment that the station had. I don’t think she ever got it to work from home.


Ok, thanks for the link, Koz…I’ll be looking at other recording options as well…


<<<I’ll be looking at other recording options as well…>>>

And reporting back if you find one that works?


Yes, of course!! Won’t leave you guys hangin’!!