voice record only while listening to game [SOLVED]

Is there a way to record voice only? I been trying to figure that out for hours now and im getting alittle annuyed becouse i cant find a single information at all if this is possible or not.

only search i find in the internet about voice is “audacity how to remove Voice/vocals” when i actually searched “audacity how to record voice only”.
knowing this im sure you understand why im annuyed.

so is this possible at all or not? if not then i feel like this program have wasted my time, and i dont want to think it did.

You have to tell Audacity which device to record from in Device Toolbar. The device you choose depends on how your mic is connected to the computer.

See http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/tutorial_connecting_a_microphone.html

If you need more help please tell us the make and model number of the mic and how it connects to the computer. If it connects through a pre-amp, mixer or interface, please tell us the make and model number of that too.


My microphone have a Stereo mini-plug.

Audio Host: Windows DirectSound
(i have checked all the options on Audio Host)

Record Device: Mic in at front panel (pink) (Realtek High Definition Audio)

Channels: 2 (stereo)

Playback: Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)

i use “republic for gamers” headset model “Vulcan ANC”

i still want to know if it possible to record voice only, i find it weird that it should be this difficult just to get the answer and why its so difficult just to find it in the program itself :confused:

So does this headset just have two 1/4 inch plugs and no USB connection?

Is it the mic in this headset that you are trying to record from? Or some other mic?

And you want to record your voice only, while hearing a game?

You need to understand that on some gaming computers and headsets there are settings to send playback through to the input, so that the mic device automatically records the game and the commentary. This is not Audacity’s problem and we can’t tell you where those settings are. Look in the manual for the headset, the manual for the computer, and in the Windows Control Panel for the built-in sound card.

On some computers, it is simply a question of connecting to a different mic port (rear instead of front, for example).


Sure it is. In a silent room, plug in a microphone, set Audacity to record from the mic and start recording.

I’m guessing that for some reason that is not doing what you want, so tell us what the problem is and we may be able to help.

oh it actually worked after i switched front to rear, i actually doubted that it would work.
i never know it was this big difference between front and rear of the computer.

i do hear a quiet sound at some spaces, but that can easily be fixed with some few editing.

thank you for helping me out and im sorry if i wasted your time.