Voice Pitch Settings Inconsistent/Keep Changing Automatically

I am using Audacity version 3.1.3 on Windows 10. I basically have a question about the voice pitch settings on audacity. Whenever I make changes to the voice pitch settings on audacity, and click ok to test out the full audio changes, the settings automatically change to a different setting when I go back to edit the voice pitch settings which is something I’m puzzled about. I’m wondering if this is a bug or glitch that is causing this to occur? Another thing I have done is save a preset of a voice pitch setting and the problem is that the voice pitch setting that was saved doesn’t match the original version that I was trying to save. Anyone know what is causing this issue to occur? Because I want the settings to be consistent which they don’t seem to be doing that for the voice pitch settings. Maybe there’s a full guide to explain how it works to me since I might not understand how it works.

Do you mean the “Change Pitch” effect?
If so, the manual page is here: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/change_pitch.html

Tip: Many things in Audacity have a “?” help button that will take you to the relevant page in the manual.

For Change Pitch, there is only one parameter which is semitones. (Or percent change - which can be calculated from semitones).

The other boxes are just fluff and are there to help you calculate semitones (or percent change).

Only the semitones/percent change is saved. The starting pitch/frequency is freshly estimated based on the audio you have selected.