Voice over

when I record my voice over in audacity I read the A4 page in one time, this text consists of 20 à 25 or more Phrase,s How can I made a “sign” between the phrases so that i can see where I must cut the phrases to use them in my video montages, one method is to leave a silents between te phrases, are there other ways to do this? Saving a sentence after each recording is too difficult.

You can post a label at any time by Tracks > Add Label. That will give you the shortcut key as well. Control-B?? It’s different on my machine.

To add a label, press Control-B during the performance and then Enter. And then again if you need another one later. The labels stop and allow you to type in text, but if you don’t need that, press Enter and go on.


You should not post in multiple places. It confuses everybody and makes helping more difficult. Koz

I know, but I think I’m in the wrong sub forum. It will not happen again

Actually it is generally best to post questions in the forum that is specific to the operating system that you use. There are some subtle differences between Audacity on Mac, Linux and Windows, and some very big differences in the computer sound system, so although a question may seem to be general (OS independent) it often isn’t, so it is helpful if we know what OS you use.

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