¿Voice of narrator?

I would like to do my voice sound like the voice of a narrator of film or ducumentary…

I can’t speak english, I used a translator.

Narrating, announcing or presenting isn’t the sound of the voice. Those people are acting. Johnny Olsen the famous presenter didn’t have a low broadcasting voice, but he had spectacular acting that made you want to pay attention. There is no acting button.

The animated Lego Movie had real actor voices. Emmet was voiced by Chris Pratt. There’s no acting filter.


Use a good microphone, such as a [u]USB podcast microphone[/u], or a [u]stage[/u] or studio microphone. Note that stave & studio microphones are low-impedance balanced (3-wire) and they require an audio interface with an appropriate microphone input. These microphones will NOT interface properly with the microphone input on a laptop or soundcard.

If you get close to a directional mic the bass will be emphasized and this can help get that “announcer sound”. (I’m assuming you are male.) But if you get too close to the mic, you can get breath-related sounds. A [u]pop filter[/u] will help with this.

And… Speak with your best strong and clear announcer voice!