Voice Modulation SWTOR

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So I hope I have an easy enough question for you Audacity Ninjas! I am working on a small video project dedicated to Star Wars the Old Republic MMO, where I will be doing some minor voice acting. I am trying to pin point a certain voice effect I am certain Audacity can provide. I however can’t seem to narrow it down. I have linked a video below this and a time so that you can hear the affect.

Any help at all would be appreciated! Thank you so much guys!


The very beginning where the Sith Warrior is talking to Darth Barras on the holo table. The modulation is more pronounced with the Sith on the holo table, something like that.

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A deep-link would have helped those not fluent in StarWars, e.g. … https://youtu.be/q37XHuHkaOU?t=20s

I think the plugin you are looking for is a comb-filter effect … Missing features - Audacity Support

Hi Trebor!

That’s exactly what I was looking for! Thank you, I think with some setting tweaks this will be perfect! You are right, I should have added a time in, must have forgotten! Once I have the perfect settings I will post here for other people who may find this useful.

Thanks again!

The comb frequency is about 120Hz …

comb filter settings , apply twice.png
limiter settings used , apply twice.png
You can dilute the effect to taste by mixing the processed-version with a copy of the original.