Voice in Music

So I want to put my own voice in a song.
I record my voice
Can someone tell me step by step on how
To do this?

Have you got the basic recording figured-out? Of course you need a microphone. Assuming you have a laptop, the built-in mic should get you started but you’ll need a better microphone and a good-quiet “studio” if you want to get near-professional results.

[u]Tutorial - Recording Multi-track Overdubs[/u]

So I want to put my own voice in a song.

Does the song have a voice already? You can try removing the existing voice with Effect > Vocal Removal or Effect > Vocal Reduction and Isolation. Those are simple tools and can either fail, or succeed but damage the music.

Best is try to find a karaoke version of the song, or play it yourself which is what Overdubbing is for. Play the piano part, rewind and add the violin, then rewind and add your voice.