Voice conversions

Hi. I have Windows7 SP1 I’ve never used any recording software other than fraps. I’ve recently downloaded Audicity 2.0.2 to do some voice recording for a cutscene in a game I’m modding. I need to to distort my voice, with effects or w/e, to that of an old (ex-military) mans voice. Is this possible with Audacity? Thanks.


Probably not. We can’t make you into an actor and acting is why people get paid for voice work. Even announcers/presenters are acting from a monolog script.

No matter what we do with effects and filers, it’s still going to sound like you messing around with filters and effects.

The one exception might be Effect > Vocoder which mixes multiple sounds with your voice. Unfortunately, it does it in unpredictable ways. You can’t order up a voice.

Almost all “Make me sound like…” requests are beyond us.

If you do find a way to do it, post back. It will be welcome news to everybody.