Voice Changing

I have some voice files recorded normally that I want to change so that they sound like aviation RT (excluding background crackle etc)
Can anyone suggest what settings can be used. I’ve tried a few but not with success.

Try using a combination of the “Leveller” effect (with a high setting so that it causes distortion) and the Equalization effect to cut frequencies below 300 Hz and above 3000 Hz.

That’s very helpful thanks

If you listen to the actual air traffic the voice quality varies very widely from near studio quality to taxicab trash. But the transmissions are still AM Radio and they still have all the whistles and interference that AM has.

The crushed “carbon button” microphone sound will result from the filters above, but you need to record or find some of the background noise yourself.

Past the Hollywood effects, what sells it, of course is the acting. ATC speaks about double the speed of normal conversation. It’s unmistakable. Even the “Have A Good Day” at the end of a successful interchange comes out “GdDy.”

UnitedFiftyThreeHeavyClearForLandingTwoFourRight [pop-squeel].

So that means you can’t turn something you downloaded from the internet into Air Traffic Control.

Koz (who works near an airport)

By the way, when I did it, I applied Leveler twice with the heaviest compression plus the filters. I have an example, but I stopped using it because I didn’t have the background noises and it just sounded silly. Also my boss the pilot pointed out that SoCal Approach was unlikely to send a plane from LAX to Burbank (although you could).

Most people get in a cab.


see … http://www.freesound.org/search/?q=ATC e.g. …
pilot has wider bandwidth than ATC.jpg

No, no, no. You have to show up at the airport with a radio and your laptop and record your own – like I did it.

OK, so there’s also a restaurant right there, but still.

Internet downloads all have compression distortion and it’s not going to sound the same, although probably good enough for jazz.


The Freesound online preview player thingy adds digital artifacts, which are not present when the sound is downloaded from the Freesound website.

That’s Northern California. We don’t talk to those people. Koz