Voice change after recording

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me solve this problem please.

I’m using Audacity 2.0.3 and a Zennox USB cassette player/digital converter on a DELL Insperon 530 PC running Widows XP Home version.
My problem is this:- When I record a male singing voice it sounds like a female singing voice on playback through Audacity.
It sounds as it should when listened to through earphones plugged into the converter.

I had no problems when I used Audacity 1.3 a couple of years ago to transfer a load of LP’s to PC and then CD using same PC and XP. Do you think it could be something wrong with the Zennox or the USB cable perhaps. I’ve no idea that’s why I am hoping somebody out there in Audacity land might be able to throw some light on my problem. :confused:

Thanks for reading

I’m wondering if you have missed out any details of exactly what you did.
Are you saying that:

  1. You record from the Zennox - you can hear it while it is recording and it sounds OK.
  2. You press the Stop button in Audacity
  3. You press the play button in Audacity and it now sounds higher pitched?

Is the speed the same? Does the duration of the show match? I’m betting not. A common problem is to have the show pitch go up when the computer can’t go fast enough to record the sound well. It drops pieces here and there and when you play back the show, the missing pieces can appear as a speeded up or pitched up show – probably both.

It’s also possible this is an Audacity 2.0.3 problem and have nothing to do with your hardware. We await other elves.

Mike, please don’t post the same topic twice. It confuses rather than helping you get an answer. Topics merged. Please reply to Koz and Steve’s questions if this is still a problem.