Voice alterations

I know the basics to making my voice sound more "man"ly on Audacity, simply by changing the pitch and speed, but is there anything better and not as complicated? When I make it deep, it turns out to be like the hulk or something. It’s horrid.

We can’t make your voice into anything else. It’s a very popular request. The problem is announcers don’t just have a low voice. They also have normal plosives and sibilants.

If you and Gary Owens say “SSS” or “FFF” at each other, nobody will be able to tell who is performing, but the instant you start to speak, it’s obvious who is the announcer. The problem of software is to change one without the other which is really difficult.

The only way we ever found to “man up” your voice is to boost the bass with the equalizer. Effect > Equalization > Bass Boost.


Sliding Pitch Shift kills voice but you can combine it with the original track to make it sound less awful.
Make a duplicate of your original unedited track. Edit>Duplicate
Perform Sliding Pitch Shift on the duplicate(about -3 semitones both start(initial) and finish(final))
Play them back simultaneously and adjust volume of the duplicate until its just audible.
You can then select both tracks and combine them into one. Tracks>Mix and Render.

or try this, its fun!

This is not as easy as clicking a button, but i find it useful.

Make 4 or more duplicates of a few seconds of your voice track…
Keep one as original to blend in with the following edited ones.
Edit the rest of the tracks,
For example,
You might make one as bass(0 - 150 hz) only
Next one lower mids (150 - 400 hz)
Next one sliding pitch shift(-5 semitones)
Next one use time shift tool to slide the track to the right by 20 milliseconds
Next one add very short ambient reverb(gverb)
Next one use stereo widener to give the track an out of phase sound, aim for something that enhances the lower sounds rather than diminishing them.
Mute the edited tracks and start with your original track
Unmute the edited tracks one at a time to see what effect they have with the original track, you may need to adjust volumes.
Select the ones you like and mix and render them into one track
If you like it you can do the same process with your entire track.