Voice activated Recording - add seconds before stopping

If this feature is already there, would appreciate some schooling on it.

The feature I am requesting is something like what is found in WavePad by NCH. To be able to specify time (in seconds, I presume) for the system to keep recording, giving and change for rhetorical/musical pauses…?

Audacity does not currently have this feature, though it is a popular request.
I shall log your interest in this feature.


Another vote for this feature. Basically some sort of pre and post roll for sound activated recording where recording will continue if detected above the threshold during the post roll.

Thank you!!

Vote added.

Realistically, pre-roll is unlikely to happen any time soon as it would require a major redesign of Audacity’s audio in/out code.
“Post-roll” (a delay after the sound level drops before playback is paused) looks much more doable, though the length of the delay may only be accurate to seconds.

Hi, I signed up to the forum to ask for the same feature. An option that enable a delay of X seconds after the initial sound detection. Thanks much

+1 from me.