Vocoder help

I’m trying to make my voice sound on one note using Vocoder.

I’m taking 440Hz Sine tone as right channel and my voice as left.
Then I use vocoder with the default settings.
The result I get does sound on 440Hz, but I can’t understand the phrase I’m saying.
I tried different vocoder settings but all I could do was make my voice sound robotic…

What could I do?
What settings could I apply to vocoder?

Any thoughts are appreciated.
Thank you.

The result I get does sound on 440Hz, but I can’t understand the phrase I’m saying.

Right. Because 440-based voice is far, far worse than honky telephone sound. Try mixing some of your original sound with the vocoder voice. Another possibility is mix the vocoder voice with the main voice filtered with High Pass Filter: 4000Hz, 24dB.

That should put some of the sibilants back into the voice and make it easier to understand. If it’s still a little fuzzy, UNDO and try 3000Hz 24dB.


Thank you for your quick answer.
I tried your suggestions.
As I understood, I made my vocoder voice left channel and applied vocoder again to that and the original track being the right channel (once filtered, once - plain).

So, when I tried to apply vocoder to plain track and vocoded voice, it became more like the original and what’s bad far less like vocoded.
But when applying to filtered voice the track became hoarse or something like that.

For better understanding of what I’m trying to get, please watch this video (only I’m trying to just make the voice sound like A(440Hz)).

I also installed GSnap but I couldn’t alter my voice with that at all…

Switch the two sides, tone left and voice right.
play with the amount of bands. Try also a richer sound, like saw-tooth.

Yes try reversing them.

I didn’t mean send the original and your vocoder voice back through the vocoder. I meant import both the vocoder voice and the original voice track as separate tracks and fade between them. No vocoder. Then apply the equalizer to the separate voice track and fade back and forth as needed.

A guitar as the “tone” source has much better and richer overtones and harmonics. The sawtooth rather than straight sine wave tone is a grand idea.