Vocals relative to music

I’ve been experimenting with recording music and i’ve found that vocals can sound much criper than the music, which makes it sound amateurish. are there any good techniques for “degrading” the vocals, so it sounds better relative to the music? thanks

Recording live voice is harder (and usually more expensive) than it looks.

I would start with the equalization filter and dip everything above, say 7500 (7.5KHz) and then move the drop point around to get what you want. 5KHz should sound like AM radio. Another tool in the add-ons is the low pass filter. It does the same thing a little more viciously. Can you post a bit of the music and voice somewhere? This might be interesting to mess with in other programs.


This is a curve designed to take the harshness out of a voice track. The first knee or bend is 1000 Hz with a full dip at 3000 and a recovery at 6000. This is the rough equivalent of turning the “Loudness” control down if your amplifier has that.


Hi, skey
This ain’t to degrade vocals; there might be no need to do so. You can use reverb. I think that’s effective in a certain case like yours. BTW. Got any messages in the user control pannel?