Vocals low in recording...

AM not sure whats wrong with this, it seems that this track is bad but the rest of the album is alright… tried in mono, stereo and so on but its always low… sounds fine when recording but playing back it becomes a fustration, not sure if I’m doing anything wrong, other recordings come out fine.

Listening again, some of the instruments are low as well… know that hendrix liked to mess with recordings but, well :frowning:

Will attach a file, need to find a good sample .lol. Has stripped the vocal from the track completely to the point where I’m not even sure if its an instrumental.

V 2.03 btw.

Please tell us the title of the song and the album. Maybe someone has a copy and is familiar with it. Do you have the CD, or did the music come from an unknown source?

The bottom like is that you can’t “un-mix” or isolate the vocals.*

You can try some equalization to boost the male-vocal frequencies (around the 300-500Hz range). Just experiment to see what you can do. The instruments overlap the vocal range, so this may, or may not, help. I had an old (early 60s) “live” recording with a similar problem. I made some improvement with EQ, but it still sounds like a poor-quality recording.

You can also try some dynamic compression (Effect → Compressor). It’s hard to say if compression will make it better or worse… Compression tends to even things out by making quiet parts louder and/or loud part quieter.

When you’re done, use the Amplify effect to bring the peaks down to 0dB to prevent distortion.


  • There are some “tricks” to remove or extract “center-channel” vocals, and of course you can adjust the left & right channels sepearately. But, the center channel effects will affect everything in the center, and they usually distroy the stereo image. It’s one of those things that can be fun to play with, but it rarely gives you “useful” results.