Vocals distant/nearly lost on certain Vinyl tracks [SOLVED]

Audacity 2.0.5, Windows 7, Zennox turntable D2684

New to Audacity and I’m very impressed given the quality of the turntable I have.
However, on certain tracks the vocals can only just be heard in the background. Other tracks on the same recording are fine.
For example I recorded Side 1 of The Hollies 20 Golden Greats. Most tracks are absolutely fine but on 1 track the vocals are very faint.
A couple of tracks on Side 2 have the same issue.
I attach the 3rd track(Bus Stop) of side 1 as an example.
Any suggestions most welcomed.

Try https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/voices-in-background-in-vinyl-recording-solved/35758/1 .


Struggled for a while but got there in the end. Audacity was correctly set with 2 stereo channels but the input AK5371 was only set to 1 channel resulting in exactly the same being recorded to left and right on Audacity. Changed the settings in the advanced section of AK5371 properties.
Now recording in glorious stereo.
Many thanks for your help.