Vocal setting in Audacity

Hi all,

I was wondering if someone could help out. Could someone advice the correct (or better) settings (such as reverb) so that in Audacity my vocal could sound a bit closer or similar to the following music videos please? I am using FreeVerbToo and Ambience but the setting is just not right.

I understand that these videos are probably made in high quality studios but maybe just a bit closer to the quality? Their voices are so rich and beautiful.

Thanks a lot!

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O/S: Windows 7
Audacity: 2.0.3
Microphone: CAD GXL2200

What does your voice sound like? There is no professional audio filter. We have to hear what we’re dealing with to know what to fix.

Include a high-quality MP3 clip.



(I didn’t watch theYouTube clips 'cause I’m at work.)

It all starts by “capturing” a good performance, in a good room, with a good microphone, good microphone placement, and a good preamp/interface…

There are all kinds of reverb, and every recording engineer has his/her favorite… There’s natural reverb in a concert hall or music hall. There are hardware reverb units that run from around $100 USD up to thousands. There are software plug-ins that run from free to a few thousand dollars. There are “convolution” reverbs that take an impulse sample from real rooms and then simulate/duplicate the sound. And of course, just about every reverb has options & adjustments.

If you can’t get the sound you want from the basic Audacity effects, Your best bet is probably to search and download some free and trial VST reverb plug-ins and just start experimenting.

I’ve heard good things about the [u]Valhalla Reverbs[/u] ($50 USD), but I have not tried them myself.

When you post your vocal sample, do it with no filters or effects. We need to listen to the basic voice with ho help.
A very common mistake is recording in a room with echo.


This clip will always sound like it was recorded in the kitchen and there is no filter to help.


The samples are both perfect, studio produced songs. The obvious common thread is they both have a “full” sounding echo added to a very pleasant voice. The key is a straight, undistorted voice to start. If you add echo to a voice with room effects, you’ll get a very odd sounding voice.

Which you may like.