Vocal sepration

Please how do I separate actual vocal in an audio file from any other vocal in the background eg baby voice, cry in an audio recorded message.

That’s generally not possible unless the audio is “separated” in the left/right stereo file. :frowning:

“You can’t un-fry an egg or un-bake a cake and you can’t un-mix sound”.

But… Software and artificial intelligence is advancing every day and the “latest and greatest” is probably [u]Spleeter[/u], but I think it’s better at separating vocals & instruments and I doubt it can isolate one voice from another.

The Audacity [u]Vocal Reduction and Isolation Effect[/u] works by isolating or eliminating everything in the “center” of a stereo recording (everything that’s identical in the left & right channels). There is some filtering so you can remove centered vocal without removing centered-bass.

Of you can completely remove the left or right channel and make a mono recording that plays out of both speakers.

Thanks for the reply.